Types of Roman Art


Classic art from Rome always inhabit some of the famous museums and many arts galleries in the world. Many great Roman art were produced roughly in 500 B.C to 500 A.D in many forms. There are many types of Roman art which usually inhabit museums art such as Sculpture, architecture, and also wall murals.

It can be said that the most famous type of Roman art is sculpture. Sculptures in Roman arts were influenced by Hellenistic art from ancient Greece. The sculpture usually depicted goddesses and gods which suit with religious purposes. The material used for Roman sculptured mostly bronze and marble which is durable overtime. Special characteristic of Roman art is on its color which usually painted in gold.


In Roman art, architecture also plays an important role. The roman design is famous around the world especially applied in famous museums. Roman architecture emphasized on decorative walls. The greatest example of Roman architecture is located in Flavian Amphitheater which also known as Coliseum.  Wall murals also become famous roman art which usually depicted nature such as garden, trees with birds flying, and also rivers flow. Decorative wall in roman art usually combine warm colors such as gold, blue, and yellow as the main background.

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