Tips and Advice for Bringing your Rainbow Loom Birthday Party to Life!

Not surprisingly, most kids would be absolutely ecstatic to have one of these for their birthday! This colorful crazy is a creative, fun and focused activity. Kids really take initiative to be independent learners with Rainbow Loom, making it a fairly kid-run activity.  At the same time, we all know that party hosting takes some organizing, time and effort to be a success. This mini-guide is full of tips and things to keep in mind to make sure that your Rainbow Loom party is fantastic!

Prep and plan!

-        Prepare your materials. With this activity, there aren’t a whole lot of supplies needed which makes planning a breeze!

  • Make sure you have enough looms, plenty of bands, C and S clips, and hooks for everyone.
  • Then add a few extra, just in case!
  • It’s a great idea to pre-sort the bands by color beforehand. That way everyone can easily choose their colors and start.
  • White board/YouTube videos/printed instructions easily available for guided instruction. Some of your loomers may have a range of skill levels. It will be helpful to have some resources ready to explain different weaves and patterns – a few for each level (beginner, intermediate, advanced). The Rainbow Loom YouTube channel has TONS of videos available.

-        Be creative with your space.

  • Create a clear and well-lit work space.
  • Maybe you’ll have a station for learning new loom techniques and another where the bands are organized.
  • Also, think of where you want things to be after the event. The kids can help during clean up – and they will love having that responsibility! This is especially helpful with a large group of kids.

-        Keep time in mind. Kids love looming, and depending on the focus and age of the group, you could plan between 1-3 hours.

-        Decorations.  Add some rainbow colors to the room to go with the Rainbow Loom theme! There are some great ideas to browse on Pintrest!

-        Party favors ideas.

  •  Little bags to bring home their new loomed creations
  • Gifting some bands and a hook to take away
  • Some little charms to add to their pieces


Party-time Tips!

-        Create a positive and relaxed atmosphere.  Name games are always a good intro to make sure everyone knows each other. Everyone should be so excited to start! Encourage them to be positive and supportive of others and their creations. We’re all different, like a rainbow!

-        Set guidelines.  Along with emphasizing positivity, explain what they’ll be doing and what it should look like. For example:  first we choose the bands and sit down over here, then work on our cool creations, etc.

-        Teach another. If there are some advanced loomers, ask them if they would like to teach someone else for a bit. They will feel special you chose them and proud to help! Plus, it will free you up a bit


Weaving it up!

-        Warning and clean up. With about 10 minutes left, let them know to start finishing up projects. Demonstrate what you’d like to happen for the clean-up. Everyone should put away/sort the bands, stack looms, and make sure the area is clean.

-        Share. Take a minute to share the rainbow looms, an appreciation, or something they loved!


Have a colorful celebration! If you’re interested in help hosting your Rainbow Loom party, professional jewelry party throwers like Dragonfly Designs are always more than happy to make it happen.

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