Things to Watch Out For

Estate liquidation is a tricky thing. In their lifetimes, most people won’t think about it. Some people may never even own a home. However, estate liquidation is important. Many people each year need help selling off their property, and you would think that requires special skills.

Estate liquidation requires no formal training, however. Estimates say there are nearly 14,000 estate liquidators around the United States, but the truth is that they don’t require any type of training. Just about anybody can say they’re an estate seller without any type of license. So if this is the case, how do you know you’re working with someone who is knowledgeable?

Research, as always, is everything. Checking the reputation of the liquidator is the first step in taking precautions. This can be done by combining reviews from Yelp and Angie’s List with the Better Business Bureau, or even consulting with people you know. Often times, you may be acquainted with someone that has gone through the process, and not even know it. When in doubt, attend the estate sale and see how the agent operates. This may help clarify just how well your business relationship will work out.

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