The Enduring Appreciation for Hand Blown Glass

It’s hard to imagine that something that has been revered for its beauty for centuries is still a desirable type of decorative decor in today’s most modern style homes. Hand blown glass items are unique treasures. There are many ways you can enhance your home with beautiful glass accessories.

If you’re not familiar with the process of making exquisitely, meticulously designed glass objects or are uncertain as to where to buy hand blown glass, sites such as Anchor Bend Glassworks offer an excellent overview of the glass-blowing process and provide multiple examples of the stunning items that a skilled craftsman can create.

Most modern, contemporary and transitional decors feature a simplistic color scheme. It is often the decorative accessories that bring a pop of color to the room. A wrought iron ornament stand, sitting on top of an espresso wood accent table, would be the perfect way to display an exquisite hand blown glass ornament. Hand blown glass sculptures placed where a light illuminates them, can enliven the most mundane corner of a room or become a statement piece on a bathroom or kitchen counter top.

Nothing can brighten up a sophisticated dining room any better than colorful hand blown glass tableware. You can add some fun to your dinner party with a glass dancing decanter and tipsy tumblers. This unique style of decanter and glass set would be a wonderful wedding or housewarming gift. It would bring a smile to the recipient’s face each time they use it.

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