Teaching Children to Appreciate Art


In this modern era, it is important to teach children to appreciate the beauty of art. Art will help children to explore their creativity and it also helps them to find their competence especially related to art. Therefore, implemented art education will give children another sight of art so that in the future they can appreciate art well. If you want to teach how to appreciate art to children, you can try the following tips.

  • Make an art which related to children. In this step parents or educators can introduce about children’s culture. Parents or educators can create a picture which shows children’s culture and background. For example, children from America may create a picture about Indian people and then parents can explain by giving a short explanation.
  • After showing a picture about children’s culture, parent or educators can teach them about basic elements of art such as shape, color, line, pattern, etc.
  • After explaining about the basic elements of art, ask the children to create an art on their own. This will help the children to understand that making an art is not an easy task. In this phase, parents or educators can teach the children to make an abstract art which children’s think as a mess painting. After that challenge them to make the abstract art according to their own imagination.
  • In the end, parents or educators can start to introduce the children to some famous artist such as Leonardo Da Vinci or Jackson Pollock to make them appreciate art more than before.


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