Pop Dance at a Glance


In this world there are many genre of music exists and still in progression. One of the famous genres of music is pop dance. Before we explore about pop dance, we should know about pop music first. The term “POP” it self, comes from the word “POPULAR”. This kind of music called as popular music because the music is delivered on a very large scale. As the time goes by, pop music, which is basically slow in rhythmic is combined with beat music so that people call it as pop dance. Pop dance is still divided into some categories bellow:

1.     Swing and Jazz Dance

It was developed first in the 1930s and 1940s. Swing and Jazz dance is used by people to dance in the ballroom. They combine dance move from African and American culture which resulted wild dance move.

2.     Rock and Roll

This kind of music was very popular in the 1950s when big artist such as Elvis Presley popularized hip-shaking dance. Rock and Roll became more and more popular after many families in America owned a television which mostly showed rock and roll music.

3.     Disco


This music was famous in 1975 when many young people went to night clubs to create disco dance style which required strong movement in arm as well as leg. This was became more and more popular when many radios shows often played disco music.

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