Poetry for Kids

Poetry for Kids

Introducing poetry to kids is very important for their language ability. It will stimulate their intellectuality especially in language. Besides, it also helps them to explore their creativity when imagining the words in the poetry.  Since their ability in language still limited, you need to choose the right poetry for children to keep them learn in a fun way. These are some genre of poetry for children which are fun for their age.

  1. Nursery Rhymes

Nursery rhymes contains of short verses which usually follow a musical tune. It is the best for children under 5 years especially for those children who can’t read yet. Some nursery rhymes with musical tune such as “twinkle twinkle little star”, “London bridge is falling down” are the best option for children.

  1. Acrostic

This kind of poetry will help the children to think creatively because it concern on the structure of the poetry. For example, if the theme are about sports such as swimming which contains six letters. Children should make a poem in 8 lines which each line should begin with letter from the word “swimming”.

  1. Concrete

A concrete poem contains a picture of the poem which can encourage children creativity. To make this kind of poetry, children should make actual structure of poem which resemble with the shape of something. For example, poem which is resemble with the shape of tree.


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