Making Memories With Greeting Cards

Instead of spending a lot of money buying greeting cards for every occasion, you could use stock photos for greeting cards to give a personalized look. When you add a touch of personality to the cards, you can spark a memory for the person receiving them. There are several different themes and ideas for making cards, many that only require an occasion and a printer.

Make sure that you have plenty of ink in your printer when making cards, especially if you are making several at one time. If you are adding photos, then it’s sometimes best to make several cards at once so that you can easily add the picture instead of going back later to hunt for it in your files. The first thing that you need to do before making your card is to have a plan in mind. You don’t want to go into the design process blind. This will often end with a card that doesn’t look the way that you want it to whether it’s with the colors, the font or where the picture is placed on the card.

After the basic design is in place, you can cut the edges with a pair of scissors that would be used for a scrapbook as these often feature waves, scallops or other fun lines that can be made. You need to think about whether the card will be simple, elegant or fun. If it’s a fun card for a holiday or a birthday, then consider adding stickers, glitter or other fun adornments to the outside. You could even add a design on the inside of the card that will pop out when the person opens it to see what is written.

Thick card stock is often best for making greeting cards as it will hold up to glue and the other details that you want to add. A solid color is often best to work with as you can add a variety of pictures and other designs. Make sure the color of the font blends well with the other details of the card so that everything is tied together in a beautiful display. You can give the cards that you make to anyone, but they would likely hold a special place for a family member, such as a grandparent, who doesn’t get to spend a lot of time with grandchildren or a family member who doesn’t live close to your home.

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