International Sculpture Symposium – Miami 2013

International Sculpture Symposium

An international sculpture symposium is going to be held in Miami, Florida on December 2013. The best news related to the international symposium is the keynote will be Janet Echelman.

Janet Echelman is well known as the artist with unusual materials to sculpture at the building scales. She used fishing net as well as atomized water particle to create her art. She is also able to combine the conventional or classic method of sculpturing with the more modern cutting-edge technology for the sculptures. It must be great to meet her on an international symposium to understand how she finds the unique ideas as an artist.

Florida International University and The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum will be the co-sponsor of the symposium. Artists, collectors, curators and other professionals will surely be at the same place to discuss the same interest of topic. With the registration fees from $150 (for limited students) to $550 for non members of ISC, the symposium will be one of the best events in the United States at the end of the year. Well, if you are interested to attend the international sculpture symposium in Miami, you may get the further information on the official website of International Sculpture Center (ICT).

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