How to Start Painting

Start Painting

Painting can be a media to express your emotions in a fun way. Even if you don’t experience much in painting, you can still paint everything according to your imagination. To have a beautiful painting, you should consider several things below.

The first thing to consider is choosing your paint. Determine whether you want to use watercolor paints or acrylic paints. Since both if them are water based, it will be easier for beginners.  However, if you use watercolor without combining it with water, you may get thick painting which will be difficult for you. You better combine it with small amount of water to create transparent color. If you want more desired effect, acrylics paints is the best option. After that, you must select brush for painting. For broader stroke, you can choose larger brush and for finer stroke, smaller brush is the best option. Choosing a brush is not only about the size, but you must also consider about the material being used.

Start PaintingAnd the last thing, keep in mind on what you will displayed on your canvas. For beginner, it is better to learn how to combine colors into the beautiful one. After mastering about colors stuff, they can start to paint from basic shape like oval, circle, and then they can creatively make it into a creation such as human face.

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