How to Prepare Performing Monologue in a Drama


Performing a drama will require you to give extra preparation especially when you are appointed to perform monologue. To make your performance like a pro, of course a good preparation is needed in order to look stand out when you perform the drama. Below are some tips about how to prepare performing monologue in a drama.

First, determine any monologue which appropriate for you. This will affected your skill level including your vocal. If you are still in the younger age, make sure to have a monologue which suitable with your vocal. After choosing the appropriate monologue, you have to analyze the text in detail. This will help you to get the emotional feeling in act after you read every word inside the monologue. The next step, you must memorize your line well in order to look natural in your performance. Even though it requires you to memorize the line, you should also be able to improve every line to make it more fascinating. To memorize your line, you can break it into chunks by memorizing two sentences at once.


Finally, after prepare with your monologue performance, the most important thing to prepare is your own mental. Since performing monologue in drama quite difficult, get rid of nervousness may need extra effort.

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