Fun With A Child’s Bedroom

The kid’s bedroom is a place where your child will play and sleep, so it needs to be a friendly environment. Whether you’re looking for an initial idea after moving into a home or building a new home or if you’re looking for a remodeling idea for when the child is a little older, it’s best to find a contractor who can give you tips on what to do first with the project, such as painting or getting the flooring established.

Sometimes, it’s best to paint a kid’s room first so that you have a base to work with for the other colors and decorations that are used. Once you have the walls in the color that the child likes, it will be a little easier to work with an overall theme. A fun theme for a little girl is a butterfly room. The walls can be painted white, allowing you to add pictures of butterflies or even drawings on the walls of butterflies. It also makes it easier to change the theme later. The room is very pink with this theme, but accents of orange, teal or green can be used, especially with the butterflies that are represented. A pink bed with a pink canopy would be a beautiful addition along with a dark pink rug on a hardwood floor.

A gender-neutral bedroom can be created with bold colors, plenty of storage and a few chairs and couches. Paint one of the walls with geometric shapes, such as triangles or squares, that are in bright colors. This will keep the room fun for the child to look at while playing. Add a large dresser against one wall with a bookcase or two above the bookcase for the child to keep books, toys and stuffed animals off the floor. You can put a small table with a few chairs as well as a soft beanbag chair and a small couch in the room along with a bed.

Create a cozy cottage room with colors or blue, white and brown. Add a rug on a hardwood floor that is blue and white with a rocking chair that is just the right size for the child. Shelves for toys and books can be added to the room. This idea is one to consider if you’re turning an attic space into a bedroom so that the child can look out the window while in the room.

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