Enjoy Contemporary Painting in Online Gallery

Of all fields of life, there is art that is highly appreciated as a form of expression. There are many types of art people know from painting art, dancing art, sculpturing art to cooking art. Out of those types of art, you may find other new types of art that are made by combining some major types of art. Art is also divided into some types of genre or era. For instance, you can find the era of romanticism, naturalism, expressionism, modern, post-modern or contemporary.

In painting, contemporary art is considered new but has already had a big number of enthusiasts. Many painters apply this free-painting style to their pieces of art. Usually, each country has its own famous painters bringing this genre of painting. In French, there are at least three names of painter who apply this technique of painting such as Chloe Minet, Stephanie Raphael and Florence Bisbal. These three artists have gained their popularity in French painting field.

You may wonder what their painting looks like. Each of them has his/her own characteristics of painting. Their pieces have already been discussed in some studies and also exhibited in some galleries. Even, you can enjoy their pieces online at http://www.artsee.fr.

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