Benefits of Golden Acrylic Medium

plaza1Golden has a reputation for excellence in the world of fine art supplies. It makes an exceptional line of acrylic paints, as well as the accessories needed, such as Golden acrylic medium and other blending gels. If you aren’t already using the Golden line of products, you should consider giving them a try. The Golden acrylic medium is one product in particular that can take your painting to the next level and help you achieve results that you never thought possible.

Here are a just a few of the benefits of Golden acrylic medium to consider:

It Provides a Smooth Surface for Paint

You can use Golden acrylic medium to pre-treat the surface for the paint. Cover the area you want with Golden acrylic medium, then start painting. You can let the medium dry first, if you like, and you’ll still have a smooth surface to work with. You can also allow it to remain slightly wet, giving you more options for blending as you work.

Add Golden acrylic medium to your painter’s toolbox and start getting the results you want for your paintings. You’ll be amazed at the effects you can achieve and how effortless it is to achieve them. It will also make your whole working process a lot easier. You can buy it at places like Plaza Art or hobby shops.

It Helps Paint Go on Smooth

Acrylic paints dry much more quickly than oil paints. It’s one of the reason why many artists prefer to work with them. The faster drying time allows them to implement a variety of techniques to get different results. However, the faster drying time can also make the paint difficult to work with at times. For example, the paint will start to form a “skin” and harden on the palette after a short period.

Adding water to the paint can help, but that often dilutes it. Instead, you can use Golden acrylic medium to keep the paint smooth and wet. It will slow the drying time, allowing the paint to go on smooth every time and to blend more easily.

It Provides a Longer Working Time

Because Golden acrylic medium ensures that your paints won’t dry as quickly, they also give you a longer working time. You can continue to work with the paints for a longer period after they have been transferred to the canvas, allowing you to employ more blending techniques. You’ll be able to achieve more effects and create the painting that you want.

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