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Dichroic Glass for Your Craft Work

Handmade accessories become popular references among many women nowadays. They are not only preferred as jewelry, but the usage is also improved into a larger coverage; to adorn homes, bags, and even shoes. The unlimited combination options make it possible for handmade lovers to combine different materials to create their own masterpiece. The result of their hours of hard work will be paid with the appreciation of happy customers or fans.

Dichroic glass can be a new material you can use on your craft. They have colourful patterns which will make your vibrant design looks more attractive. Since it is not widely usage yet, you can explore as much style as possible without the need to be worried if your idea will be similar to the other designer. The colorful patterns will tempt you to try out different techniques and applications, which will add more beauty into your collections.

Find dichroic glasses at the This international glass resource has many glass products waiting for you to pick and try out. Make sure you don’t miss the beautiful selections and enrich your creativity with more unique materials to be added into them. The Warm Glass has all types of glass products you could possibly need for your craftwork.

How to Prepare Performing Monologue in a Drama


Performing a drama will require you to give extra preparation especially when you are appointed to perform monologue. To make your performance like a pro, of course a good preparation is needed in order to look stand out when you perform the drama. Below are some tips about how to prepare performing monologue in a drama.

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